Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grab and match in style

Someone emailed me asking if I could sew up a cute bag for her little girl who loves having something in hand while she walks about, and she wanted one with a matching diaper.

So I asked if she'd like a grab bag with this lovely flowery pattern, she said yes :)

So here's the adorable grab bag that I sewed up for her.

You can even wear it around your shoulders :)

Matching sets!
I intentionally did this with the soakers as well :)

Here's how it looks like when you open up the grab bag. to wear it, simply slide the longer strap into the opening of the shorter strap and let it hang!

6 Little pockets, great for handphones, tissue papers, make ups, lotions, sanitisers, or car keys that we women so often lose in our bags

And the matching diaper up close :)

Till I sew next


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