Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pea Pod Baby Carrier

I don't normally sew during the weekends,
But since dad told us that we would be visiting my late grandparent's graves the next morning, it itched me to sew a carrier for Chago.
He had put on quite a lot of weight over the pass 2 weeks
He wriggles a lot and so Miguel and I can no longer carry him without straining our backs!
So I made this:

I found this pattern somewhere in my ebook stash.
So I got busy.

This was taken during my Late Grandmother's funeral day. 
Look way back in this picture. 
You can't see her "grave" in here simply because her lot is way way way up up up!
So Imagine having to climb these steep steps at 11am under the hot blazing sun!
I was not liking the idea of wrestling with my 15 mth old all the way up and down!

The Finished product on us :))

Took me under 2 hours to make this. Was super happy with the results.
Even happier when we went up and down the steep steps without having to feel really sweaty and hot and irritated at the same time. 
So I guess, My love for Baby Wearing has returned!
I love how this is not too thick, airy and very very simple.
Since it's a hip carrier and the straps are on the shoulder than the back
I do not need to strain anything, weight is distributed evenly and it does not even feel hot on both of us!

Happy is what I am :))

Till I sew Next!


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