Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coconut Goodness :)

Wonders of Virgin Coconut oil

I bought this at an Agricultural fair that was held locally. I have always wanted to make my own but never got to do so. I saw someone selling this so I got to asking how they process it and whether it was heat processed or cold pressed. It was cold Pressed.
According to the guy, 
the shredded were dried for a little while under the sun. 
I didn't know it needs drying...
Anyways, I got me this and got a free 60ml VCO spray as well. 

So this is what I have use it for so far:
1. 1 Teaspoon in Chago's Oats and cereal breakfast
2. On Chago's growing curly locks
3. On my crazy distressed dry hair (works wonders) before shower
4. On insetc bites - I put it on Chago and the swelling and bites disappeared after 30 minutes!
5. Chapped Lips
6. Salads - Yummy
7. Rice - I add 1 tbsp og VCO into a cooking pot of rice and it makes a lot of difference! The aroma is enough to get people into the mood of eating
8. Steamed Fish - marinated the fish with tumeric, a little bit of salt, pepper, thyme and VCO. Delicioso!
9. Repellent against Insects
10. To strengthen Immunity
11. Natural Sun Block!


Today, Just before taking a bath, I decided to put some on my face for awhile. 
I have this habit for using a tweezer to tweeze out my white heads around my nose area, so I did so today before actually leaving the room to shower and..
It was so easy! Easier than it was without VCO on my face.
It was as if the oil went into my pores and loosen the sides of where the white heads sit in and  made it so easy to remove. I got so many out in just minutes without damaging my skin or causing my nose to turn red.

There are so many benefits to consuming VCO at least 1 to 2 tablespoons a day. And if you could afford it, you can replace your regular cooking oil with this. 

They are quite costly, but I will still want to do it myself.
I'll just need to find the time to get me some fresh desiccated coconut flesh.

Till then, I'll continue with this bottle of V 


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