Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Sewing Machine, New Work Space, New Things to do

Since we got back, I have been tidying up my new work space while my boys play around the area. See how my little boy has grown! He's now attached to his smelly blanky which he refuses to part with while sleeping, Plays the piano with papa and walk all about the place.

I got myself a new sewing machine after the old one broke down... and got to sewing new cloth diapers for my boy. Converted some of my denim and shorts to a new diaper. I actually got a few people ordering a few from me from the US. So I sewed some and now working on some new stuff. Turning them into an adjustable diaper to fit all baby chunky thighs.

These however were the first few that I have actually sewn. Will be showing more of what i'm working on when I have them done. I have also sewn more felt food but i'll blog about them later.

Miguel's working on our son's play-fence. Now all I got to do is get more time on my hands to sew an apple tree and other stuff on it.

Till I sew next


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