Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monster Diapers and Diaper Gift Basket with Matching Booties

I have sewn a few diapers up to date and sold some but haven't really had the time to post them here. But here's a few that I have sewn for My little boy.

The Stripey one above was made using a hipster model but I didn't like the way it wrapped around Santiago. And it was Bulky too. 

Mr. Wasabi! I've got a lot of Thumbs up votes for this Green fella! Miguel's Favorite too. It's comfortable and it's funky! We Snap on inserts or just fold in prefolds when we're home. Either way, we can use it for a long time after many insert/prefold changes because it doesn't stink up like when using PUL. Oh, the Inner is made out of Fleece. 

Ain't he Adorable!

Always on the look-out!

The Elastics are adjustable around the thigh area therefore it fits no matter what :)

This was made for my sister's friend who's expecting a girl in August. Since they will be throwing her a baby shower this April, my sister gave me the honour of sewing her a diaper gift basket. I made 5 diapers, 3 with matching booties. These booties are snap on so you don't really need to crack your head on how to get those little feet in.

Also for My sister's friend with matching Booties 

Love this Japanese Cotton Fabric :)

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away :)

Miss Foxy! Gotta Love her :) Another one of my Monster Series which I will be posting the complete version soon.

Tada! The Gift Basket for the lovely mum-to-be :)

Now I've got to get back to sewing :)

Till I sew Next


ichaiping said...

can i order it from u?

Michelle said...

Hi Ichaiping, of course you can :) send me an email at rabbitthepenguin@gmail.com or you can visit my blog shop at www.chagomago.blogspot.com where I put up new stash or ready stocks every Friday when I can. Or just visit my Facebook Page and leave me a message there :)

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