Monday, July 5, 2010

Lil' Zanaeya on the Run!

Got these pictures from Amy Nash of Singapore the other day sent via her Iphone. Too sweet and too cute!

The lady Bug Booties were tight around the ankles. I should have loosened it a little. She's 6 months now, I think going on 7 months and these were meant for nb to 6 months. I still wished I had made them a little bigger :s

These are a little too big for her haha, but she'll grow into them soon enough. They grow so fast! These are meant for 6 months to 1 year and made out of felt. Too cute on her. I'm happy it turned out great on her. Amy I hope you both loved it too :)

Looking at Lil' Z playing with her booties makes me wanna have my mini me now! I'm 35 weeks and getting really bored of pregnancy by now... I am moving slower and definitely complaining more than ever :s Baby's about 2.3kgs now, heartbeat strong and kicking like no one's business :))

I'm finishing off a Hansel and Gretel playmatt now. Once I finish that, I'd be taking a break from all the orders. I'll still be doing the Bamboolite Cloth Diaper orders tho, that's not hard to do, but other than that will have to wait till I move to Chile I guess.

Till I Sew Next :)


Anonymous said...

owh, mich honey.. u doin the playmat for me rite? make sure u rest well and eat well..regards to e'one... hugs and kisses...MINI

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