Sunday, July 11, 2010

DIY Hansel & Gretel Playmat

I finally finished the Hansel and Gretel Play Mat that my dear friend, Tharmini had ordered for an expecting friend from Johore Bahru. I don't know why it took me ages to finish it, I guess I'm just slowing down a lot and had been mentally preoccupied.

Here are some pictures of the play mat.

The Characters

Evil Step Mother & The woodcutter Father

Hansel & Gretel riding the White Swan

The Partially Blind Wicked Witch

Hansel & Gretel's Home

The Candy House

Candy Canes and Choc Chips

The White Swan and the Lake

Customized especially for EIAN :) Who's due to arrive next week :))

The Story

Well, we all know the Evil step mum and the dad... They were poor and had to find to survive.

Hansel and Gretel heard their conversation so Hansel planned a way to find a their way home.

They Succeeded the first time but at the second time, they couldn't find their way home.

So they walked on and found a house made out of chocolates, cakes, cookies and candies!! they started eating the house and then soon was caught doing so by the owner of the candy house... The Wicked Witch!

Inside the house, was a cage and a large cooking pot...

Hansel was placed into the cage. The witch had planned to eat Hansel and started feeding him more candies etc... But because she was indeed Partially blind... She had to ask Hansel to stick out his finger for her to feel if he was getting fatter. Hansel, however, stick out a chicken bone to trick the withc into thinking he was still skinny! So the witch continued feeding him more food while Gretel had to slave for the witch.

One day, the witch got fed up at how Hansel remained skinny and decided to eat him anyhow. So the witch got Gretel to start boiling water in the large cooking pot in preparation to cook Hansel. Instead, Gretel tricked the witch and kicked her into the pot where she... well, she didn't survive it...

Hansel and Gretel fled the house and found themselves standing by a lake where they could see their home on the other side... they saw their father chopping wood by the lake but they couldn't cross it on their own. 

A white swan happened to be there, and volunteered to bring the children across where they were once again reunited with their Father... and learnt that their step mother had died...

And they lived happily ever after..

The end!

There are many versions to this story... if you would to actually search them online, you can find tonnes of them! You can play around with the characters anyhow to tell it to your little one.

I hope Eian will enjoy this! the trees on the play mat was hand sewn by Miguel :) So it's extra special :))

Till I sew next :)


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Just to say hi, what a talented lady you are..
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Michelle said...

Hey Nadnye,
Thanks! I didn't know this blog was listed on that site but that's great anyhow!

And thanks for dropping by!

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