Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Simple Changing Mat Tutorial

Hey There!

I needed to make myself a changing mat for my coming baby. I just wanted to get things done, or get the stuff that I need before the baby arrives, which is pretty soon! Yikes!!

So this is how the end product looks like. You can fold it up nicely and hold it together with Velcro... That's what I use anyways. You can always close it up with ribbon loops and buttons etc.

And here's a step by step pictorial way to make one! I use whatever I can find in the house. Totally recycling everything I have :)

Printed Cotton Fabric of your choice 15 inches x 30 inches
Padding, Can be any type of padding that you prefer. I happen to have poly fill ones
Bias Tape... I used a 1 inch ribbon to cover the sides instead of bias tapes.
Velcro / hooks and loops 13 inches long
Coordinating Coloured Threads

Step 1:

Cut the printed fabric of your choice and the padding type of your choice according to the measurements given above.

Step 2:

Pin the two long ends together and begin sewing a straight line 1 cm from the end.

Step 3:

This is optional... and only if YOU want to. Sew the printed fabric and the padding together like so...

Crossing them Like so....

To get this.

Step 4:

Get your waterproof material out :) I used a never-been-used golf bag rain cover that my dad doesn't seem to know if it goes missing or not (but yes, I did ask him) and cut it up to the size of the fabric and padding.

Step 5:

Sew the waterproof material to the long ends of the padded side.
Optional: You can sew another printed material to this padded side and then sew the waterproof material onto it to funk it up. I just wanted to keep it simple so I didn't add another printed or coloured material to this side.

Step 6:

Get your bias tape or ribbon out to cover the long ends of the mat. Start by sewing 1cm from the edges... I zig zag this part. Do this for the other long end of the mat before starting on the front because you might need to change the colour of your thread to coordinate with what you're sewing. You don't want a different colour thread showing on the other side as you sew.

 Step 7:

Sew to cover the printed side of the mat. I used a straight sew on this side to not mess up the other side :)

Step 8:

Starting from one end of the mat that has not been sewed yet, measure 4.8 inches and sew a straight line from one end to another like in the picture. The second line is 5.2 inches from the first line, The 3rd is 5.5 inches from the second, the 4th is 5.7 inches and the 5th is 5.8 inches from the 4th line.... leaving a small 3 inches. This would be where you attach the Velcro but we will get to that later...

Step 9:

Again, work with your bias tape / ribbon. I made a 1 inch fold at the end of the mat to cover the rough edges of the ribbon.

And did exactly like what I did for the long ends of the mat... when I reached the other end of the mat, I left 1 inch of ribbon to cover that end when I start sewing the other side. Do the same for the other end before going over to the printed side.

Step 10:

Flip the mat to the printed side. Trim the top edges so you can cover up nicely when sewing the other half of the bias tape / ribbon. 
See Miguel there in the mirror :)) He's helping me with some sewing while I sew this. Isn't he the best :)))

Step 11:

Now, see this part? Remember I said I left 1 inch when I finished the back side of the mat, well, this is where you would fold it in like so...

and sew... so to hold that part down before you start folding down the ribbon / bias tape...

...Like so to continue the cover up.

This is how it would look like after you have sewn all the edges of the mat with the bias tap / ribbon.

Step 12:

Fold your mat on the lines that you have sewn to get this. Pin on where you would like your hooks and loops / Velcro to go. I had mine go all the way from one end to the other. You can choose to either only sew the sides of the center. It's entirely up to you. you can also use loops and buttons or snaps instead of velcro. I would prefer snaps, But I haven't got myself the snap pliers to do so!

After sewing the Velcro in place... you'll get

The Finish product of your changing mat!! Tadaaaa!!! it really wasn't that hard! very simple to make all by yourself! I hope my instructions have been clear enough. Fooh!

This would be a great baby shower gift to make etc. You can even use old t-shirts as your designs. Whatever you can think of!

And it fits perfectly well in my tote bag too! To be honest, I didn't exactly measure to know that it will fit. in fact, I didn't measure at all while I was sewing. I only gave sewing measurements here as I am jolting this down here, taking measurements as I type! I'm so Random!

Anyways, I hope this helps... 

Till I sew Next :)


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