Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Soldier, The Nurse, The Bandit and The Faithful Maid

After my obsession with the baby booties, my hubby decided that I try something else... we can't possibly have baby shoes all over the place. So I found Jodie's One-Hour Softie tutorial and found these softies extremely irresistible!! Of course running around Kota Kinabalu for nearly a week looking for felt was not something my hubby enjoyed but I found them anyways!

You can find the tutorials here

And here's what I did..

The Soldier and The Nurse :)

I really like the nurse... I'm thinking of sewing an ambulance for her

The Soldier on his toes

This was not in the tutorial but I decided to make a bandit and a maid anyways...

I just happened to have this stripy material lying around and immediately thought of a bandit

The blond maid. Isn't she lovely??

I am thinking about adding more characters... it's also great for the babies or kids to hug onto. 

And that's one for the album :)

Till I sew next...



lydia yong said...

haha..i like it very much..i'll buy from u..i wan toy soldier..can u make it?..thanks..big one can hug one..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Huhuhu.. This is Too Cute!
Not Bad for 1st Attempt.. :)

Michelle said...

@ Lydia,

Hehe, thanks! Big one? Wow lol! I can try to attempt that, I'll let you know when i finish it :D Let me know when you're down :D

Michelle said...

Thanks too! yea, I know, was really my first attempt at this. I'm glad it turned out right :D

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