Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first steps

I attempted knitting baby booties but I guess I don't have much patience for it. I kept losing my counts on when to purl and to knit or yarn over etc and since i'm used to it, I tend to get everything jumbled up and unable to retract what I have just done neatly. My patterns ended up crooked and so I gave up.

I stumbled upon some scrap clothing from my mom's previous sewing projects and searched over the internet and found tutorials on sewing baby booties :)

One I found was over at Joanna Armour's Stardust Blog. You can find the tutorial of making them yourself Here.

Here are some of the shoes I have made. Once I started I just couldn't stop. It just seems as though I was obsessed with making them! they are just so cute!! 

This was actually the first shoe I made! From simple plain red and yellow cotton fabrics and an unwanted green stripped shirt that my sister Rachel didn't want anymore.. It actually turned out super cute :)

I made two with this fabric pattern, but I gave one of them away as a gift to a friend of mine who had just had her adorable baby girl. Hers had a red bow to it.

This one is quite thick... but comfortable at the same time. Reminds me of Christmas time... It looks so comfy that I just want to slip my own two feet in them!

From a Bandanna to a shoe... And I've even made another one in...

Blue :)

I got carried away really... I was going nuts on making tonnes of booties. My man was trying to figure me out!

I was on my way up the stairs to my room when I saw a pair of socks still new in its packaging and thought... HEY... another shoe? Why not?! this one's a thick one too. So comfy!

I decided that I had to stop before I get too far with the booties... So here's TWO for the album

Till I sew next :)


Barbara Gloria said...

Hola Mitch..they are so adorable. Loves ur creation!

Michelle said...

Thanks Barb! I'll make one for you when you need them in the future :))

Anonymous said...

our baby will be so proud of you mi amor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

@Mr. Anonymous,
LOL! Why do you have to remain anonymous mi amor??? Thanks babe!

Joyce said...

Cheh i thought siapa pula tu "Anonymous" at your first entry pigi suka your husband. Sekali your husband pula memuji diri sendiri...hehe so cute!!

*cute as in comel ah, bukan cute hensom ;)

Joyce said...


I like your booties lah, so cute especially the purple stripes "hearts"...

pandai kau jahit oo

boleh jual di etsy.com ni!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Joyce!

Hehe Thanks! Ya my hubby likes to minta kena puji lol! memang cute hehehe...

Thanks for the compliments!

I want to sell in etsy but can kah you think? I'm very new to all these stuff... Takut kena cakap curi copyright :s

Anonymous said...

You are EXTREMELY talented Michelle! You really are!
Your blog is amazing, I love it! Are you using a Mac?????

Your shoes are just awesome!

Cant wait to see more!

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