Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preggy Shots!

I so LOVE these shots! Taken by a friend of ours who comes down every now and then for photo session appointments! Her next trip will be somewhere late July to Mid August before flying back to Sibu, Sarawak. Anyone interested to take any pictures, here's what the package is like:-

200 photos will be taken
Additional 30 edited photos
3 hours photo session
Anywhere you want... Let it be in the comforts of your home, in the streets, a resort etc etc anything at all!
All for only RM260 (deposit up front to avoid cancellation as she flies from Sibu)!!!

No make-up included, that one has to be done on your own
but hey! RM260 for good shots!!! I know I'll never regret mine!!

She does excellent shots for family portraits, pre wedding shots, preggers, kids, babies, couples, etc ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF! And the best part is she is just so fun and comfortable to work with! I didn't know her all to well, and Miguel and I were both camera shy but with her, it was just so much fun!

Here are some of the photos taken. There are more but I'll put them up when I can. 

These pictures makes excellent keepsakes! Some of which we can blow up and hang in the living or in the nursery etc! I'm just so happy we did this! 

Well, Till I sew Next :)


Anonymous said...

the guy is very cute!!!!!!! is your husband???

Michelle said...

yes mi amor, eres tu lol!

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