Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm so Blessed!

I do feel blessed indeed!
Just when it started raining in my head, the sun still shined and a rainbow appeared :)
So I thank HIM for the two good hands I still have,
For the man in my life - A very loving, patient and Understanding one.
And for an adorable son that we're just so grateful for.

So I have been busy.
Plus, there was a stomach flu epic happening around town and everyone was getting sick.
Including myself.
But I still needed to finish this set along with a few others that I have already sent off rain or shine.
This batch will be leaving for Italy.
I meant to send it off today but my tummy would not allow it!
So enjoy the pictures :D

Mr Buzzy Blues

The ever so popular MR Wasabi

And as requested by the new owner of these diaper covers, A pumpkin Face! Just in time for Halloween!
To be worn by her son for Halloween greeting cards and postcards to friends and families! 
How cool is that!



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